HVWHigh Velocity Wrestling (est. 2002)
HVWHolme Valley Wheelers (Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, England, UK)
HVWHypervelocity Weapon
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The motor application technology used HVW (made by Furukawa Electric Co.
The insulation breakdown voltage was also measured using a same shape sample, and creeping discharge occurred when the voltage exceeded 15 kV This shows that the HVW also has sufficient capacity with respect to insulation breakdown.
This shows that the HVW can secure sufficient inter-phase potential difference with only the magnet wire coating.
The use of HVW enabled arrangement of the assembled wire into a tightly wound layout (Fig.
The clinical correlations of HVW in several important aspects of CLD still remain to be fully studied.
We undertook this study to evaluate the correlation of HVW in cirrhotic patients with Child's status and variceal grade.
Belvedere is the flagship winery of his HVW holdings.
He is still very much in the investment banking game, and his business sensibility carries over to HVW.
Will and I made a commitment to run HVW as a business and that is what we are doing.
Everything I do at HVW is to broaden our perspective of what it means to be successful," said Rosenzweig.
To that end, the "collaborative consortium" that Rosenzweig speaks of when describing HVW The low-key Hambrecht and Rosenzweig are veering away from the traditional, usually patriarchal wine organization.
HVW is building out a 12,000 square-foot leased office space in downtown Healdsburg, to house the three wineries' administrative staff and its leadership team.