HWGHTML Writers Guild
HWGHazardous Waste Generator (various organizations)
HWGHtml Working Group
HWGHealth Working Group (various organizations)
HWGHessisches Wassergesetz (Hessian Water Act)
HWGHamburgisches Wegegesetz (German: Hamburg Roads Act)
HWGHere We Go
HWGHippies with Guns
HWGHenry Wine Group (Benicia, CA)
HWGHiding with Girls (band)
HWGHäufig Wechselnder Geschlechtsverkehr (German: promiscuous behavior)
HWGHarmonization Working Group
HWGHeavy Weapons Guy (gaming, Team Fortress Classic)
HWGHollow Waveguide (Qinetiq, UK)
HWGHeywood Williams Group (UK)
HWGHarris, Wiltshire, Grannis (law firm; Washington, DC)
HWGHome Wireless Gateway (software)
HWGHardware Guy (radio show)
HWGHeater, Water, Gas
HWGHansen-Woodyard Gain
HWGHighWay Gamers (gaming community)
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On the other hand, HWG provides temporary shelter and protective custody to women ages 18-59 years old who are victims of involuntary or forced prostitution, illegal recruitment, battered/abused women, victims of sexual abuse, women in detention, women victims or armed conflict and others.
Wired network perception for the link between front-end and HWG is useful for streaming media transmission in order to avoid network congestion.
A starting point for the simulation of changes in TC climatology is the ability of climate models [often known as general circulation models (GCMs)] to simulate the current climatology of TCs in the elimo HWG experiment or other similar current-climate simulations.
For 2015, LSIF and HWG will concentrate on the following areas: universal healthcare coverage, prevention and control of non-communicable diseases, health financing, food safety, and preparedness for effective management of infectious diseases and health pandemics.
increment of E] for pasta produced with 15% heated wheat germ was more than pasta produced with 15% raw wheat germ which might be due to additional heating of HWG in the oven before production.
For each specification the experts at HWG develop the appropriate bearing, and have been doing so with increasing success all over the world.
Booltink HWG, Hatano R, Bouma J (1993) Measurement and simulation of bypass flow in a structured clay soil: A physicomorphological approach.
The goal of the HWG was to evaluate and compare biological, gene, and protein expression responses in rats exposed to well-studied hepatotoxins, using a standard experimental protocol and to address the following questions:
The company is an affiliate of Tectonic Holdings LLC, which is a holding company that owns and operates Tectonic Advisors, LLC, Sanders Morris Harris LLC and HWG Insurance Agency LLC.
At the May 1 meeting hosted by the EPA Office for Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention, IPC again highlighted concerns with the TRI rule, and IPCs testimony at the upcoming Office of Land and Emergency Management will focus on the RCRA Definition of Solid Waste (DSW) rule issued in 2014, and the RCRA HWG Improvements.
One of the biggest champions was Jack Mill Smith, 14, a Holm-firth High pupil, described by a HWG committee member as: "a rising new star in the world of words".
As part of the experimental program of the HWG, the biological response in rats to the model hepatotoxin clofibrate was investigated.