HWRHazardous Waste Reduction
HWRHeavy Water Reactor
HWRHeight-to-Weight Ratio (body measurement)
HWRHarbison-Walker Refractories (various locations)
HWRHardware Removal (orthopedics)
HWRHand Writing Recognition
HWRHazardous Waste Regulations
HWRHenley Women's Regatta (UK)
HWRHardware Replacement
HWRHalf-Wave Rectifier
HWRHot Water Return
HWRHot Wet Rock
HWRHalf-Wave Retarder
HWRHull Weight Ratio
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The HW and HWR Series antennas attach via a standard SMA or Part 15 compliant RP-SMA connector.
HWR is founded on research, theory, and clinical practice and is grounded in the theories of addiction, trauma, and women's psychological development.
4) Even so, health status is an important influence on the retirement decision and was ranked first in the HWR study by both the retired and non-retired groups.
HWR Ltd was among seven North West companies who took part in the five-day mission,organised by TPUK, theGovernment's export body,and Liverpool Chamber of Commerce.
Many staff members have volunteered to work on the unit and, according to Gail Anderson, LSW, social worker for HWR, the rewards are extraordinary.
Neita Roper, who handles the business end of HWR Enterprises, also owns two preschool education operations, Roper Inc.
HWR also transports, stores, processes and disposes environmentally regulated water primarily throughout Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio.
HWR was among seven local companies who took part in the five-day mission, organised by Trade Partners UK, the Government's export body,and Liverpool Chamber of Commerce.
In the first quarter of 2012, the HWR water business provided steady growth through a combination of securing long-term contracts and volume commitments in the gas basins and significant growth in the oil and liquid-rich basins.
HWR has several strategically located reservoirs along the pipeline to provide large quantities of fresh water to meet the peak frac water requirements of HWR customers.
Brett's proven performance and his commitment to transportation safety and compliance positions HWR to be one of the safest and most efficient carriers in our industry.
Heckmann, Chairman and CEO of Heckmann Corporation, stated: "Our acquisition of CPI is another strategic move forward for HWR in broadening the water related services we offer for the many stages of frac drilling and exploration.