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Table 4 indicates that the locomotive schedule obtained by using the model can save the number of HXD locomotives, 130 + 92 - 209 = 13, and the number of SS4 locomotives, 109 - 30 X 2 = 49.
The equilibrium degree of locomotive schedule of HXD locomotives and SS4 locomotives is, respectively,
The equilibrium degree of the locomotive schedule for HXD locomotives and SS4 locomotives is smaller than the equilibrium degree of that case, which shows that this locomotive schedule is more balanced.
Analyzing the data in Table 5, it is obvious that the locomotive schedule just meets the needs of HXD locomotives and saves the number of SS4 locomotives: 105 - 29 x 2 = 47.
The equilibrium degree of SS4 locomotives is larger than the equilibrium degree of HXD locomotives, which shows that the schedule of HXD locomotives is more balanced than that of SS4 locomotives.
The HXD locomotives just meet the needs while the remaining number of SS4 locomotives is 44.
At present, 15 kt combined trains are hauled by two HXD locomotives.
A partir do guideline criado pela Rede Globo, a empresa HXD Interactive pode pegar os aplicativos que desenvolveu inicialmente para a Rede Integracao e fazer as alteracoes conforme sugeriu "as melhores premissas e praticas da interatividade".
7) Informacoes disponiveis no site oficial da empresa HXD Interactive: <http://www.