HYAHyaluronic Acid
HYAHandicapped Young Adults (St. Petersburg, FL)
HYAHyannis, MA, USA - Barnstable County (Airport Code)
HYAHistocompatibility Y Antigen
HYAHazard, Young, Attea & Associates, Ltd. (Glenview, IL)
HYAHomeless Youth Alliance (San Francisco, CA)
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According to the validated quantitative method, the contents of HYA and KOR in the extract were 30.
The analogue-to-digital move will enable HYA to enhance its offering and provide advanced DTV services to its viewers secured by Nagra Media Access, Nagravision's state-of-the-art conditional access solution.
This new roll-out is a major milestone in our offering, allowing us to add key services that viewers have now come to expect in television," said Lai Guan Ling, general manager of HYA.
The PD group demonstrated decreased displacements and velocities compared with the HYA group on all four variables (p < 0.
The PD group was significantly less accurate during the single-task 2-back than HYA and HOA (p = 0.
The Ericsson solution will allow HYA Cable to provide consumers with increased channel choice and HD programming.
So it is important to select a solution that enables us to do this effectively," said Chun-Lung Wu, president of HYA Cable.
The first sample of high-density polyethylene (HDPE1) was ExxonMobil HDPE HYA 600, Exxon Mobil, Saudi Arabia, with MFI = 0.
b) rolling trolley terminal HYA 26/45 Right (2 pcs.
If Frampton wins the HYA public vote it will come hot on the heels of the devoted dad of two being voted the coolest man in Britain.