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Kent Watts, chief executive officer for Hyperdynamics and HYDR, stated, "This is very positive.
12 HYDR RX RusHydro 1H 2012 IFRS lacked large surprises.
HYDR RX, VRAO RX, IRSK RU, IRGZ RX The BoD of RusHydro approved new share issue of up to 110b shares to be approved by the EGM on November 16.
12 HYDR RX Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich stated RusHydro new share issue would be paid by the state directly (R50b will be contributed to be spend on Far-Eastern projects), and the corresponding government decree was agreed with the presidential administration.
12 HYDR RX President Putin signed a decree on R50b contribution to RusHydro share capital to finance company investment program.
Glow and quench dry skin IRE AFTERSUN Glow and quench dry skin AMBRE SOLAIRE AFTERSUN IRE AFTERSUN HYDR HYDR HYDRA HYDRA TING TING TA TA I picked this up in Boots as an impulse buy I picked this up in Boots as an impulse buy I picked this up in Boots as an impulse buy FAB FOUNDATION FAB FOUNDATION RESKIN PURE RESKIN PURE ATION PS26 This latest addition to BareMinerals' line-up is the biggest launch in 20 years since its original loose mineral foundation burst on to the scene.