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HYDROXHydride Oxidation
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Brisbane's Hydrox Technologies General Manager Mark Trenchard welcomed the opportunity.
The company noted that last year it acquired the Hydrox brand and set out to rebuild it in its original formula, using real sugar and high-quality cocoa.
Over the past five years Hydrox has developed a programmable electronic hydrogen-on-demand device to the point where it has been engineered into a perfectly practical, mass-market product with quantifiable benefits.
And in 1981, over 10,00O birds slammed into floodlit smokestacks at Canada's Hydrox Generating Plant near Kingston, Ontario.
The stage was decorated with huge cardboard Hydrox cookies and tree trunk-like freestanding tampons.
Brands: Bishop, Cart's, Cheez-It, Chips Deluxe, Club, Famous Amos, Fudge Shoppe, Girl Scout Cookies, Graham Selects, Greg's, Heads and Tails, Hi-Ho, Hydrox, Jack's, Jackson's, Keebler, Murray, Olde New England, Pecan Sandies, Plantation, Sunny, Sunshine, Town House, Vienna Fingers, Wheatables, Zesta
Hydrox Bio 68 is specifically designed to emulsify with up to 20% of water, essential for drill rigs and, whilst remaining biodegradable, will still not foam or oxidise.
1910 - Hydrox Biscuit Bon Bons hit store shelves, later known as Hydrox cookies.
When one story strikes Glass as phony, he trashes it with a one-liner: "That's so Hydrox, man.
Lukas is at his wariest, funniest and most observant here, speculating on the fate of a Mister Salty in a health-conscious world, or mounting a spirited defense of Hydrox, a "creme" sandwich cookie superior to the Oreo.
develops, manufactures and markets high quality household and consumer products, including Scott's Liquid Gold wood cleaners/preservatives, Clean Screen, and Touch of Scent air fresheners, Alpha Hydrox skin care products, and Neoteric Diabetic Skin Care products.
Nabisco got the idea from Hydrox, which made its debut in 1908, four years before Oreos were placed on store shelves.