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HYENAHypertension and Exposure to Noise Near Airports
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When he had withdrawn the shaft from the hyena Tarzan shouldered both carcasses and continued on toward the gulch.
Instead of Bukawai came the repulsive head of a hyena.
Beside him were two hyenas, which rumor had said were his only and constant companions.
He stuck for the five goats and the sleeping mat for a matter of half an hour, while the hyenas sniffed and growled and laughed hideously.
With this new protector Iwanich wandered on through the forest, and though he came upon a great many more wolves, hyenas, leopards, and other wild beasts, they always kept at a respectful distance when they saw what sort of an escort the Prince had with him.
The former Hyena Club shares a building with Maddison's Bar & Lounge and Soho Bar.
They are less respectful - they destroy hyena dens to protect their livestock.
In an effort to help the Bodi ward off hyenas, Gordon agrees to sleep outside overnight.
They discovered that it was slaughtering hyena to serve meals for customers.
While at face value my data lend themselves to a structuralist framework, I suggest that an analysis which highlights the experiential quality of hyena representations is more productive: an analysis in consideration of Ingold's (2000: 187) dwelling perspective whereby people's conceptual worlds are not so much constructed and structured within their minds as they are unfolded through relations with Others in spatio-temporal, historically informed, phenomenal worlds.
construction plans, specifications and engineers estimate) for new African Lion and Hyena exhibits at Turtle Back Zoo in the Township of West Orange.
The hyena has now been established as an emissary of sorts for death, and though the hyena is repeatedly named, Hemingway still defamiliarizes an instantly recognizable canine gesture of intimacy with its owner to symbolize deaths determination to get closer.