HYEXHydraulic Excavator
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Draining the fuel/water separator for the Model 240 HYEX is handled differently.
From earlier experiences during the war, moving the D7 dozer and the HYEX on flatbed M916 trailers was a delicate operation.
The first sergeant controlled operations of the D7 dozer and the HYEX.
Enter the load factor for the single load asset available: one civilian HYEX and one civilian cherry picker
Match 20-ton dump trucks with military HYEXs or civilian assets such as cherry pickers.
Military occupational specialty (MOS)-specific operators, such as heavy construction equipment and general construction equipment operators, should be identified to operate equipment such as HYEXs, loaders, 20-ton dump trucks, and small emplacement excavators.
Although the HYEX is not new to public industry, it is new to the Army inventory.
During the next year, other engineering units will receive the HYEX.
Operators, before you leave your HYEX for the day, make sure you dig and wash out all the mud it has picked up during operations.
Clean air filters are important for all vehicles, but they're crucial on a HYEX.
Read and heed the placard next to the hydraulic oil tank's sight gauge on your HYEX excavator.