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HYFLEXHypersonic Flight Experiment
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The HyFlex 11-518 is made by Ansell a global manufacturer of safety protection solutions for manufacturing medical and various other industries.
Other recent Ansell innovations include some new variants of Ansell's registered best-selling HyFlex glove range.
The new HyFlex 11-800 is the first glove incorporating Ansell's patented Zonz Knit Technology reducing hand fatigue by providing stress release in the knuckle areas.
The HYFLEX HM-500 machining system offers a tri-way design on the Y axis with polymer and cast iron construction for vibration dampening and thermal stability, flexibility to work in a transfer line or stand-alone cell, axis speeds up to 40 mpm, spindle speeds up to 15,000 rpm, and a 5.
Made of water-based polyurethane, the safe and environmentally friendly HyFlex 11-435 work gloves resist cuts.
Brand Names: Skivertex, Kivar, Hyflex, Pajco, Lexide
Dok-Guardian Safety Barrier Accuform Signs, PF-Cardstock Bausch & Lomb, Peel & Reseal Pre-Moistened Tissues Ansell Healthcare, Hyflex CR+ ESS, Refrigerant Compliance Management Software Industrial Training Consultants, OSHA Training Program Willson Respiratory, a Bacou-Dalloz Co.
The Hysep range incorporates many of these developments, such as Varipond, HyFlex, two-gear drive and ESD (electrical scroll drive), a twin motor, low energy system for the automatic optimization of dewatering sludges.
When loaded with either the HySem or HyCount soft-macro, and mounted on a printed circuit board, HyFlex executes the HySem or HyCount functions.
0 Equal 1/2 Inch, Od Equal 5/8 Inch In Running Length Make Finolex Or Hyflex Or Rolytube Or Rollilyte.