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HZVHausarztzentrierten Versorgung (Family-doctor-centered Healthcare, Germany)
HZVHerpes Zoster Virus
HZVHerpes Zoster-Varicella
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Additional vaccines that may be considered for older adults are pneumococcal vaccines: PCV13 and, eight weeks later, 23-valent polysaccharide vaccine (23PPV) or 23PPV alone (3,5) (neither are funded), and HZV vaccine (as above).
Among adults aged 60 years and older, cost effectiveness of HZV is less favorable at the youngest and oldest ages of that range," Dr.
Only 16% of general internists and 6% of family physicians had administered HZV to more than 50 patients in the previous year, while 47% and 49%, respectively, had given the vaccine to fewer than 10 patients.
Cost concerns were cited as a major barrier to use of HZV by 53% of respondents and as somewhat of a barrier by 30%.
59) HZV infection may possibly be transmitted to others through direct contact with skin vesicles.
Of the 598 total physician participants, 51% said that they stock and administer HZV in their offices, 39% refer patients to a pharmacy to get the vaccine and bring it back for administration (known as "brown-bagging"), 33% refer patients to a pharmacy for both vaccine purchase and administration (49 states allow pharmacists to give vaccines), 23% refer patients to a public health department to receive HZV, and 9% refer patients to another clinic or provider to receive it.