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HAFEZHostile Aircraft Free Engagement Zone
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Hafez Qazma, Mahfouz Jazaeri and Amjad Obaid are among the Karate Federation's distinguished international referees .
I have followed this photography line for 17 years," Hafez told Daily News Egypt, "These portraits reflect my feelings regarding the places I have visited and felt captured by their shine.
Asif Noor, Book Ambassador National Book Foundation and Designer of the Hafez Shirazi literary corner Muhammad Azeem Iqbal for their valuable contribution in making this monument happen.
Le meme Hafez Said avait ete donne pour mort en juillet 2015 par les autorites afghanes, dans une attaque de drone americaine qui avait cible plusieurs dizaines de responsables de l'EI dans le Nangarhar, pres de la frontiere pakistanaise.
During the meeting, which was attended by RJ President/CEO Captain Suleiman Obeidat, Hafez underlined the boards keenness to work as a team in coordination with the management and the staff in order to build on the companys last year achievements and help the airline grow further.
Hafez praised the former board's performance and thanked its members for their effort and service to Royal Jordanian in the past years.
Gen Hafez made his first son Bassel the "heir to the Syrian throne".
Hafez Uddin said that it is a matter of pride for us that we have people like Dr.
The old 1,000-pound note featured former president Hafez al-Assad , father of President Bashar al-Assad.
Minister Harb was speaking during a ceremony organized jointly by the Ministry and and Liban Post for launching two stamps in memory of the late former Prime Minister Amin Hafez and Novelist and Writer Leila Osseiran, at Amine al-Hafez Square in downtown Beirut.
That was when, three months before his death, President Hafez al-Assad got his son Bashar to play the key role in forming a new cabinet.