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But a confident Haifa dismissed his attempts, pointing out that "Lopez had the right to be protective over her BF.
All of those killed were in an Israel Railways depot located near an Israel Electric Corporation installation on Haifa Bay, according to the head of Magen David Adom rescue service.
Does this mean that Haifa didn't accept what we think was an indirect apology from her nemesis?
By comparing the Arabs who ran away from Haifa in 1948 to the Jews who ran away from the Nazis in Germany, he is actually comparing Israel in its early days to Nazi Germany.
Last week, Egypt's original sex symbol Nahed Yusri said Haifa is a "plastic beauty.
Haifa posted a screenshot showing the number of views her video had reached at the time and commented, "Hello success.
And g et a load of this: Haifa is also the first and only Arab artist to collaborate with and release her video on the world's leading all-premium music video and entertainment platform Vevo.
But in an interview with Shareef Amer on his talk show "Happening in Egypt," Haifa revealed that had she not been an artist, she would have been a babysitter instead
The online movement was started after Yemeni singer Arwa made fun of Haifa and her barely there black dress that "broke the internet" .
announced Tuesday that TNUVA Dairies has implemented POMS MES throughout their Haifa, Israel facility.
As Haifa Wehbe celebrated turning 39 on Tuesday, her ever envious younger - and less famous - sister Rola Yamout wished her big sis a happy "50th" birthday.
based in Haifa, Israel, which develops and produces PC-based ultrasound systems for general radiology and cardiology-radiology shared services systems.