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HRHome Rule
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HRHard Radiation
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HRHofrat (Austrian Public Authority Degree)
HRHomestar Runner (humor website)
HRHot Rolling
HRHumanitarian Coordinator
HRHeavy Rescue
HRHoly Roller (band)
HRHuman Reliability
HRHiiraan (postal region, Somalia)
HRHolographic Repatterning
HRHot Rats
HRHedge Ratio
HRHidden Ridge (Trabuco Canyon, California)
HRHonorably Retired
HRHeavy Rigid (vehicle definition)
HRHeavy Repair
HRHinge Remnant (philately)
HRHold-Relax (PNF technique)
HRHydroxyethylrutoside (also seen as HER)
HRHeater Relay
HRHigh Rune (Diablo II game)
HRReceiver Height
HRHigh Repetitive
HRHiroko Nakamura (classical pianist)
HRHacienda Real
HRHelicopter Request
HRHospitalman Recruit (US Navy rating)
HRHomeroaster (coffee)
HRHover Race (game)
HRHeadquarters Regulation
HRHartmann-Rudolph (decoding algorithm)
HRHamonic Retrieval
HRHealthgate Resources Pty Ltd (Adelaide, SA, Australia)
HRRudder Hydraulics
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76 per 200,000 employee-hours increased from the record first half rate of 0.
High yielding certified varieties of pulses were being distributed among farmers by Punjab Seed Corporation under the project whereas 136 Multi Crop Drill was also being given to growers at half rate to sow pulses in linings.
Nearly half rate immigration as that important, while 43 percent say so of the Michael Brown and Eric Garner stories.
MITHI -- Deputy Commissioner Tharparkar, Muhammad Asif Jameel has said that wheat distribution would be started at half rate among droughthit victims in the district very soon.
At the half rate, 1,3-D concentration under TIF was similar to or even higher than at the full rate under polyethylene film.
Why would a borrower accept a five-and-a half rate in this environment?
Observing the highest levels of amateurism," a contemporary report noted "officials are allowed only half rate fares to London and free transport within 15 miles of Charing Cross on the London transport system.
The company said current trading was holding up with like-for-like sales in the 10 weeks to December 3, which although slower than the first half rate of growth, was impacted by strong comparative figures in the same period last year.
The module offers standardized voice support for GSM, UMTS and HSDPA networks supporting Enhanced Full Rate (EFR), Full Rate (FR), Half Rate (HR), and WCDMA Adaptive Multirate (AMR) voice codecs.
En funcion a los objetivos de la investigacion, el calculo de trafico telefonico fue enfocado al comportamiento de la interfaz de aire en redes GSM (sistema global para comunicaciones moviles) mediante la combinacion de portadoras TCH Full rate y TCH Half rate, con el fin de solventar problemas de congestion.
Forty-eight percent say their community has been able to do an excellent or good job, while half rate their cities as doing only a fair or poor job.
Nevertheless, 46% of Americans surveyed say that they often think about the meaning and purpose of life, and fully half rate the importance of God in their lives as "10" on a 10-point scale.