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The required half-wave of EVA current can be realized by using these topologies, provided the current control is based on tracking a sine-wave reference and adjust duration time, amplitude and frequency.
0] = a/i is the buckling half-wavelength and i is the buckling half-wave number (i = 1,2, .
The cos term in the square bracket of Equation (7) provides an oscillatory pattern which matches the resonant and harmonic characteristics of half-wave dipole as seen in Figure 6.
In [16], a new triple-mode resonator is implemented by three half-wave rings shorted with a common ground via.
Each of them can be simply model by a half-wave dipole connected to the different positions in feed line.
Normalized current distributions along the half-wave HDA determined for different values of the normalized conductivity of the ground are given in Fig.
Based on the simulation, an equivalent model of half-wave dipole array is pertinently proposed to explain the antenna working principle.
Both are half-wave spaced dual-dipole flat-panel antennas with typical VSWR of 1.
When conducting concept-learning activities, a learner clicks on the concept visualization module that divides the learning unit into several topics, such as "half-wave rectifier circuit", "theories of the half-wave rectifier circuit", "the positive cycle when power is on", "after reaching the peak value of the positive cycle, the input voltage is less than the output voltage", and "when the voltage input is again greater than the output voltage".
She smiled at me before walking away, one hand clutching her handbag and the other in a half-wave.
This impressive three-phase digital power meter captures a variety of signal types including: surge current and maximum load state, half-wave rectification, intermittent control, distortion waves, noisy signals and constantly changing signals.