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Libbey's (1891) plate 124 (reproduced as our Figure 29, lower) is a half-tone reproduction of a CBH painting, dated 1891 below his name, of the Grampus, sailing to the right.
The book is well produced, with one exception: some of the facsimiles are reproduced by a half-tone process that makes important notations hard to read.
A scanning resolution of 300 dpi is inadequate to capture half-tone photographs.
They want controlled dot gain -- the way the ink spreads from a half-tone dot impression.
LMG Smith Bros won its second Worldstar for Kellogg's Country Store - a half-tone process flexo printing on a wide web polyethylene film.
For desktop publishing applications, Publish Pac provides both text processing as well as image scanning directly into document-compatible formats, with software control of such parameters as scanning resolution up to 3000 dpi, for bi-level (line drawings), half-tone images (four patterns) and up to 256-shade grey scale, 16 levels of brightness, five levels of contrast and image editing.
7 million colors per pixel when using real photo paper, making it possible to represent smooth transitions and homogeneous areas in true half-tone reproduction.
ISO 12647-2: Graphic technology-Process control for the manufacture of half-tone 1996-01-10
Finally, twelve pages of half-tone plates have been suppressed, as well as much of the discussion of the music.
Building on new binary type and new half-tone type leading-edge semiconductor manufacturing processes instead of conventional manufacturing processes for fine-pattern formulation, the project significantly improved dimension accuracy in both types.
Main goal of our investigation was to analyze the influence of laser power on quality of color prints and behavior of half-tone image according to this modified conditions.
Half-tone, line art, straight text, in sizes ranging to six columns by 21.