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HALFLIFEHeuristic Application Level Filtering for Linux IPtables Firewall Enhancement
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Once disequilibrium is established, it takes about seven rimes the halflife of [sup.
13) Given that dopamine agonists have a halflife of several hours, decreased motor complications may be realized in patients with early PD who utilize these agents in combination as opposed to sole use of levodopa.
3] to raise vitamin D levels because it has a longer halflife than does [D.
Nigger" is used in sixteen out of twenty listed songs on the album titled Illadelph Halflife and in fourteen out of eighteen listed songs on the album titled Things Fall Apart.
It has a short halflife (15-20 minutes), being rapidly cleared by the liver.
41]Ca is a radioactive isotope, but its halflife is so long that, for all practical purposes, it behaves as a stable isotope.