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HALSHindered Amine Light Stabilizer (polymer coating)
HALSHealth and Activity Limitation Survey (Canada)
HALSHouston Area Library System
HALSHand Assisted Laparoscopic Surgery
HALSHertfordshire Archives and Local Studies (UK)
HALSHouston Area Live Steamers (Hockley, Texas)
HALSHIV-Associated Lipodystrophy Syndrome
HALSHawaii Association of Land Surveyors
HALSHigher, Adjacent, Lower, Supporting (part of constructive simulation exercises)
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Frans Hals Museum Groot Heiligland 62 2011 ES Haarlem The Netherlands Images are available via: http://www.
For coating applications, the most important HALS types are di-functional piperidine derivatives linked by diesters or triazine rings as shown in Fig.
Uvasils 299, 2000, 2006, and 2007 are a new generation of oligomeric HALS based on a siloxane backbone.
Mike will join Hal on stage at the Millennium Forum in Derry and the TF Theatre in Castlebar.
Conventional N-H, tetramethylpiperidine-based HALS provide excellent UV stability.
Sanduvor PR-31 HALS stabilizer acts as a radical scavenger, stabilizing polymers against photo-oxidative degradation, and has uv absorbing properties based on its benzylidene malonic ester group.
Also new is FS-812, a mixture of HMW and LMW HALS plus a benzotriazole uv absorber and hydroxylamine processing stabilizer.
In their aim to invent stabilizers that are both highly soluble in resins and have very low extractability, some additive suppliers have focused their R&D on polymer-bound HALS and antioxidants.
Common stabilizers such as phenolic antioxidants and oligomeric HALS are typically nonpolar, hydrophobic substances designed primarily for compatibility with polyolefins, explains Webster.
Ciba Additives has added three new low-dusting HALS to its Performance Plus product line for polyolefins.
A new HMW monomeric HALS from Ciba Additives, Ciba-Geigy Corp.
Despite its relatively high unit price, Gimbarski expects it to be competitive in cost-performance with standard HALS because it can be used at lower levels.