HALYHealth-Adjusted Life Years
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Vease Richard Haly, "Bare bones: Rethinking Mesoamerican divinity", History of Religions, v.
Nabil Al-Arabi, AL Deputy Secretary General Ahmed bin Haly, and ambassadors and representatives of the Arab League in Egypt.
In smaller parts, Alexandre Sylvestre and Dionne Sellinger provided additional comedy as Haly and Zulma, two members of Mustafa's court.
Members of the Skinner and the Haly families, for example, moved among Newfoundland, Gibraltar, and India, while David Buchan had established a name for himself as an Arctic explorer on the 1818 Spitsbergen expedition that also included John Franklin.
Beach lover Haly Idiesca Obar, 22, says this is her story about her "surf through the sea called love.
Understanding that Robert is privy to her secret, and fearing that he will reveal her adultery, Alesone makes a great show of amazement, exclaiming in supposed wonder that Robert 'is ane haly freir' (368).
The two Bassas, Haly and Cuproli, in Joseph Trapp's Abra-Mule (1704), are envious of Pyrrhus whom the Sultan has favored by promoting them to a higher position; each believes himself to be worthy of that position.
Surviving Crites are a daughter, Jill Ann (Steve) Cooks, and children, Heather and Max, and a son, Robert Hilton (Alison) Crites and children, Zach, Haly, Aja, Brielle, and Allaire.
Traditional antihelminitic, antiparasitic and repellent uses of plants in central haly.
es a haly prophete and a VERRAY in worde and in dede.