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HAMAHuman Anti-Mouse Antibody (aka Human Anti-Murine Antibody)
HAMAHamilton Anxiety Scale
HAMAHindu Adoption and Maintenance Act (India)
HAMAHuman Anti Murine Antibodies (cancer)
HAMAHome Against Medical Advice
HAMAHuman Anti-Monoclonal Antibody
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Also on Thursday, Syrian fighter jets pounded terrorists' positions in the towns of Kafr Zeita and al-Lataminah and the village of Lahaya in Hama.
Meanwhile, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based watchdog group with wide contact in Syria, reported "heavy Russian airstrikes" in Hama along with intense battles on the ground.
Observatory head Rami Abdulrahman, said 74 soldiers in Hama had been killed by Islamic State, which he speculated launched both attacks to raise morale after losses to Kurdish forces in the northeast.
The militia is fighting alongside government troops against rebels in various parts of Syria, including Hama province.
Following the outbreak of the uprising and protests against President Bashar Assad's regime in early 2011, Hama was the stage for some of Syria's largest demonstrations against the government.
Since 1990 Hama (UK) Ltd has been the leading consumer electronics accessory company in the United Kingdom.
Hama Rashid added that it is impossible to predict the number of patients that will be treated in Jordan, but he said they are in the hundreds.
Internet footage showed graffiti dotting walls in Hama, reading: "Hafez died and Hama did not, Bashar will die and Hama will never die".
Thousands turned out in Hama itself, Idlib in the north, Daraa in the south and in Damascus province.
The AA correspondent reported that intense security measures had been taken inside and around Hama in north of Syria and a number of tanks had been deployed around the city as well as Idlib city's town of Maarrat al Numan.
The state news agency SANA said six military personnel and three civilians were killed, and 17 injured when the military transport was ambushed near the town of Mhardat in rural Hama, and that three bandits had been killed as a result.
GUNMEN in plain clothes are randomly shooting people in the streets of the besieged Syrian city of Hama, a resident said last night.