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HHHamburg (Germany)
HHHögskolan I Halmstad (Halmstad University, Sweden)
HHCoast Guard Helicopter
HHHalf-Half (scheduling scheme)
HHHabbo Hotel (online chat)
HHHatboro Horsham (Senior High School, Horsham, PA)
HHHalf Hard
HHHamilton Heights (High School)
HHHalton Hills
HHHoward Hewett (musician)
HHHeads-Heads (possible outcome for flipping a coin twice)
HHHentai Heaven (anime)
HHHer Holiness
HHHorizontal Transmit, Horizontal Receive (polarization)
HHHamerschlag Hall (Carnegie Mellon University)
HHHershey Highway (Route 322, Dauphin County, PA)
HHHello Handsome
HHHollywood Hijinx (Commodore 64 game)
HHHorizontal, Horizontal Polarization
HHHinging Hyperplanes
HHHigginson Hall (WWU)
HHHanger Height (flange)
HHHyperbolic Horn
HHHeat Homing
HHHEED (Health, Education and Economic Development) Handicraft (Bangladesh)
HHHodgkin-Huxley (mathematics)
HHHonor Harrington (Honor Harrington science fiction novels)
HHHoosier Hospitality
HHHelp Haiti
HHHealth for Humanity (National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of the United States)
HHHead Honcho
HHHex Head (screws)
HHHoly Hell (band)
HHHoosier Healthwise (Indiana state-sponsored health care program)
HHHostile Hospital (Lemony Snicket)
HHHappy Hunting
HHHarbor Hills
HHHome Health Care
HHHi Honey
HHHi-Hat (cymbal)
HHHanseatic City of Hamburg (Hansestadt Hamburg, German City)
HHHappy Hour
HHHenry Hudson (explorer)
HHHardcore Holly (pro-wrestler)
HHHigh Hopes
HHHolding Hands
HHHigh Humidity (water vapor measurement)
HHHit Hard (basebasll statistic)
HHHenderson Hall
HHHer Highness
HHHereditary Hemochromatosis
HHHilton Head
HHHis Holiness
HHHold Harmless
HHHands High (measurement of horses)
HHHard of Hearing
HHHealth Hazard
HHHip Hop
HHHypothalamic Hamartoma
HHHelly Hansen
HHHershey's Hugs (chocolate candy)
HHHigh Honors
HHHardcore Hell (pro wrestling)
HHHeil Hitler
HHHawthorne Heights (band)
HHHorizontal Hostility (workplace behavior)
HHHerbert Hoover
HHHelen Hunt
HHHelen Hayes
HHHiatus Hernia (medical)
HHHeavily Hinged (philatelic auction term)
HHHis Highness
HHHulk Hogan
HHHigh Hurdles (track and field)
HHHypogonadotropic Hypogonadism
HHHaunted House (game)
HHHon Hai Precision Industry Co. Ltd
HHHappy Holidays
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An insider's view of this--one Hamburg would have been well-equipped to offer--would have made for a fascinating, useful book.
In the 1970s, he recorded two albums with Britain's celebrated king of skiffle Lonnie Donegan - whom even John Lennon held in awe - and recently helped research the Hamburg section of the Beatles Anthology.
Lambert believes Celtic's best chance will come if the Hamburg crowd forces their team to throw men forward despite their first leg advanatge.
CISCO and T-Systems launched in cooperation with HPA, Europe's first smartRoad in the Port of Hamburg, using Internet-of-Everything technology.
Dubai manufactures a lot of things related to maritime here in Hamburg," he said.
Hamburg Airport is very much interested in keeping a close relationship with Emirates airline.
In an act of appeasement, Jorn Walter's Hamburg Building Department has conceived Sprung Uber Die Elbe (Jump over the Elbe), an intellectual construct to include the immigrant and ex-worker enclaves in Wilhelmsburg and the smaller Harburg harbour to the south.
Members of the Culture Company have been to Hamburg, and Ulf Kruger, from Hamburg's Centre of Beat, visited Liverpool earlier this year.
When asked about her decision to give up her status as a principal dancer and audience favorite with SFB for the comparative anonymity of Hamburg Ballet, Loscavio explains, "You are looked at in a certain way when you have been born and raised in the same company.
Ocean shippers like Seaboard Marine, Hamburg Sud and Intermarine can also handle a wide diversity of cargoes, facilitating trade around the world.