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It operates on four AA batteries housed in the hand-held unit.
Finally, both the collar and hand-held unit have a two-year battery life, eliminating the need for weekly recharging sessions.
It's no secret that a central vacuum system offers more cleaning power built-in convenience and quieter performance than a standard hand-held unit.
The hand-held unit is capable of making accurate resistance readings in the presence of a foreign voltage.
The hand-held unit is suitable for use in situations where it is not possible for the operator to get near the load.
By holding the hand-held unit next to the vehicle's built-in unit, and depressing the buttons on both, the built-in remote learns the code and that remote will now open the door or gate.
The hand-held unit determines which antenna is receiving the stronger signal and switches to this antenna for a given time interval.
There is, however, a front end investment of about $3,000 for each hand-held unit and expenses for buying a base radio and controllers to link the base radio to the host computer.
The hand-held unit normally has a scanning wand attached which allows a checker to scan a barcode on the item and then physically enter the price displayed.
Tenders are invited for Supply And Commissioning Of Hand-Held Unit B-Mpi Type No-6Fx2007-1Ac14 Make-Siemens Ltd
A speech synthesizer audibly makes the owner aware of the dog's intentions, which also appears on the screen of the wireless hand-held unit.