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HAPAHospitality Asia Platinum Award
HAPAHispanic Association for Professional Advancement (Xerox Corporation)
HAPAHawaii Academy of Physician Assistants
HAPAHaitian-American Psychiatric Association
HAPAHistorical Administration Program Association (est. 1975)
HAPAHellenic American Police Association
HAPAHarvard Half-Asian People's Association (Harvard University)
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Whether servicers use technology or not, the HAPA program may have already had a positive effect on their operations.
The HAPA utilizes a bottom up principle where from a provided set of objects {[b.
Amostragens de dez peixes de cada hapa foram coletadas no início e final do experimento, e das três rações utilizadas na alimentação dos peixes, para realizar as análises de metais pesados essenciais cobre (Cu), zinco (Zn), ferro (Fe), manganês (Mn) e metais pesados tóxicos cádmio (Cd), chumbo (Pb) e cromo (Cr), pelo Laboratório de Química Agrícola Ambiental da Universidade Estadual do Oeste do Paraná, utilizando o método de espectrometria de absorção atômica, modalidade chama.
It has been revised to integrate my analysis with a narrative of the panel, "Queer Chinese Hapa People and Marriage Rights: Intersections between Same Sex Marriage and Interracial Marriage," which consisted of myself and Queer Mixed Heritage Chinese American community activists Stuart Gaffney and Willy Wilkinson on the subject of the interconnections between the struggle for the right to marry across racialized boundaries and the fight for same sex marriage equality.
In Vancouver, izakaya has evolved into a distinct style: At Hapa sample kabocha squash-and-walnut salad and Norwegian mackerel, flamed tableside.
Hapa, which literally means "portion," is a Hawaiian term that once described those of mixed Hawaiian and white descent.
Written by a third-generation Japanese American, being Japanese American: A JA Sourcebook for Nikkei, Hapa .
The other branches of the hapA phylogenetic trees consisted of isolates from patients of different ethnic origins.
It has been included in several behavioral theories, such as the HAPA (Schwarzer, 1992), the health promotion model (Pender, 1982) and O'Donnell's model of health promotion behavior (Wallston, 1994).
2) Hapa Haole literally translates to "Half White" in Hawaiian language.
The event also features live music, San Francisco's best food trucks including Hapa Ramen and Le Truc, interactive installations from the cutting-edge Design and Technology Department, and special performances by the infamous New Genres Department.
Tenders are invited for Hapa ( Civil Engineering Work) : Replacement Of Transformer 2 X Existing Lighting On Platform, Concourse And Circulating Area By Energy Efficient Led Fittings At Major Railway Station ( Civil Engineering Work).