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HARAHazard Analysis and Risk Assessment
HARAHospital Accounts Receivable Analysis (various locations)
HARAHuntsville Area Rocketry Association (Huntsville, AL)
HARAHistorical Arctic Rawinsonde Archive
HARAHispanic Association of Realtors and Affiliates (San Jose, CA)
HARAHigh Assurance Remote Access
HARAHigh Altitude Radar Altimeter
HARAHazard Assessment by Risk Analysis
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The business hires 22 staff, counting seven members of the O Hara family.
Hara was on a government list of 11 Japanese nationals abducted by the North that was submitted to Pyongyang during talks between Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi and North Korean leader Kim Jong Il on Sept.
Hara was taken to the police station in January after a witness reported to police that he beat the boy at a ''pachinko'' pinball machine parlor near their house in Atsuta Ward.
Hara said there were several dents in the ceiling panel caused by people being thrown against the roof, according to Kyodo.
North Korea said Hara and Taguchi married in the North but Hara later died of hepatic cirrhosis, while Taguchi died in a car accident.
Hara is one of the six suspects in the scandal, in which an ex-aide to former House of Councillors President Yutaka Inoue was also arrested.
Hara said the bid due dates were extended last year after officials realized that the initial time line was simply too tight.
com/frances-mcdormands-oscar-statue-thief-arrested-2660003) Oscars , there were also other signs suggesting that Lima and Hara are no no longer together.
In Japan, the samurai tradition is called hara kiri.
Most live in the deeply conservative community of Hara Kbira, with smaller pockets elsewhere, including the capital, Tunis.