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The Corsair HX1000W has received these awards: -- Custom PC -- "Premium Grade Approved" Award -- HardOCP -- "Editor's Choice Gold" Award -- Hardwareluxx -- "Excellent Hardware" Award -- Hardware.
The Corsair HX1000W is the largest capacity power supply from Corsair to date and by most metrics it is also Corsair's best power supply to date," wrote Paul Johnson of HardOCP.
The official benchmarks were released by the creator of Doom 3, id Software(TM), with the help of HardOCP.
The entire article can be viewed at the HardOCP Web site at http://www2.
Awards include "Must Have Hardware" from HardOCP, Editor's Choice from CNET, and the "Heavenly Hardware Gold Award" from Driver Heaven.
In the above charts we clearly showed you that NVIDIA's AF technique is superior to (the nearest competitor) when it comes to overall quality," wrote Kyle Bennett, editor in chief at HardOCP (http://www.
1) Based on testing preformed by HardOCP in the article titled Doom 3 Benchmarks on May 12, 2003, testing Doom 3 Timedemo Test2 at 1600x1200x4XAAx8XAF on the NVIDIA GeForce FX 5900 Ultra (27.
VisionTek seemingly came out of nowhere to dominate the retail market, but truth be told, the company has been a leading player all along," said Kyle Bennett, founder of HardOCP.
Along with a considerable performance bump in key applications, NVIDIA takes great strides in the image quality department with Detonator FX," said Kyle Bennett, editor in chief of HardOCP (http://www.