HARRHigh Area Rate Reconnaissance
HARRHigh Angle Rock Rescue (climbing)
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The culvert reaming tool design developed by Harr Technologies uses an internal coil to draw debris into a holding cylinder so it can be removed from the drainage structure.
In the past, some customers have purchased a spare set of nozzles, which helped reduce downtime by allowing maintenance workers to install clean nozzles on their own schedule, rather than when the nozzles were getting plugged," Harr said.
The 2014 Harr Challenge is now raising money toward a $50,000 goal in support of the 16th annual UMass Medicine Cancer Walk on Sept.
Harr was only 8 when she saw photographer Lisa Kristine's image of two young Nepalese brothers carrying heavy stones down a mountain.
With the help of her father, Eric Harr, she took to the Internet to spread her message even further.
Harr was taken to Heathrow police station for a blood test, and bailed until next year.
The influx of user-generated content--whether documents, streaming content, photos, music--is devouring computer space," said Harr, "and the IDG reports that 70 percent of digital content will be user-generated in the next 3 years.
For each hour you work out, Harr will donate $5 to CARE (up to $50,000), donors also can raise money through a personal Web page, and win prizes.
Cliff Harr, travelled from his home in Darlington with wife Josephine ( Mr Scurr's niece ( to help look after his widow.
Addressing both the public and the private sector, Harr (Concordia University-St.
Harr of Salt Lake City was perusing Via, "the AAA Traveler's Companion," last August.