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Students are supervized by scientists from universities as well as the specialist research organisations doing work in astronomy, such as the South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO) in Cape Town, the Hartebeesthoek Radio Observatory (HartRAO) in the west of Gauteng, and the South African Square Kilometre Array Project (SA SKA) in Johannesburg.
The Satellite Applications Centre (SAC) of the CSIR at Hartebeesthoek still had a MOTS camera as recent as last year.
Boeing's Mission Control Center in El Segundo, California reported spacecraft acquisition at 1:30 am EDT this morning, when signals were received at the ground station in Hartebeesthoek, South Africa.
This makes it a twin of the dish at Hartebeesthoek, which was originally part of the DEEP SPACE TRACKING NETWORK and is now HartRAO.
A ground station at Hartebeesthoek, near Pretoria, South Africa, acquired the first signal from the satellite in orbit.
The first pictures taken of the far side of the Moon by American lunar spacecraft were received by the radio telescope at Hartebeesthoek (now HartRAO).
Director of Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory, Dr Michael Gaylard
Controllers at the Hartebeesthoek ground station in South Africa made contact with the satellite and confirmed that all systems are functioning properly.
The Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory (HartRAO) in South Africa will lead the VLBI collaboration with all major radio astronomy observatories around the world," adds Professor Roy Booth, Associate Director: Science and Operations at the SKA South Africa Project.
Approximately 32 minutes later, e-BIRD's first signals were received at a Telemetry, Tracking and Control Station at Hartebeesthoek, South Africa, confirming normal operation.
Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory (HartRAO), 30 km NW of Krugersdorp, is a National Facility for radio astronomy managed by the NRF.
The NRF Astro-Geosciences Cluster comprises the South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO), Hermanus Magnetic Observatory (HMO), Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory (HartRAO).