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HCNCHolocaust Center of Northern California (est. 1979; San Francisco, CA)
HCNCHistoric Cultural Neighborhood Council (Los Angeles, CA)
HCNCHigh Country Newfoundland Club (dogs; various locations)
HCNCHastily-Called News Conference
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Earlier, in a hastily-called news conference, Erdogan explained that he had been upset with both the moderation of the debate and Peres's manner.
At a hastily-called news conference outside the Palestine Hotel, where many foreign journalists are staying, he said, ``There is no presence of American columns in the city of Baghdad, none at all.
I have made a decision to postpone the execution of Timothy McVeigh for one month from this day so that the execution would occur on June 11, 2001, in an effort to allow his attorneys ample and adequate time to review these documents and to take any action they might deem appropriate,' Ashcroft told a hastily-called news conference.