HAYOTHaitian American Youth of Tomorrow (Miami, FL)
HAYOTHaight Ashbury Youth Outreach Team (California)
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Renault Trucks vient de rendre publique la cession de toutes ses actions [beaucoup moins que]Renault Trucks Maroc[beaucoup plus grand que] au Groupe Bernard Hayot (GBH), son partenaire de longue date.
For further elaboration of Fuegi's thoughts on Brecht and China, see Hayot.
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10) Eric Hayot, On Literary Worlds (New York: Oxford University Press, 2013), pp.
8220;Instead of filing for an exemption like similar investment advisors, we feel it's important to signal to institutions and private individuals that we're leaning forward and ensuring that we deliver institutional-quality risk management,” added Jacqueline Hayot, Chief Operating Officer of Iron Harbor.
Her thesis continues to inform how scholars analyze ethnic bildungsromane; see, for example, the 2006 special issue of Contemporary Literature on migrant writers, which features several essays (see those by Eric Hayot and Vera Eliasova, especially) that read ethnic bildungsromane for how they disrupt or complicate the narrative of assimilation.
Christian Bromberger, in collaboration with Alain Hayot and Jean-Marc Mariottini, allay fears about participants' "passiveness" by examining the concept of collective passion (3) through soccer.
Algunos de estos estudios han mostrado como la experiencia y el significado de ser aficionado a un equipo especifico emergen, en muchas ocasiones, de las identidades, las narrativas historicas y las caracteristicas socioculturales asociadas a la region, la ciudad, el barrio o el sector social concreto con el que se vincula al club (Bromberger, Hayot y otros 1993; Robson 2000; Fabregas Puig 2001; Aragon 2007; Magazine 2007).
I thank Chris Bush, Eric Hayot, and Laura Heffernan for responding to an early presentation of this paper.
14) Pour une discussion ouverte de l'interpretation et de l'emprunt des ideogrammes par des Occidentaux, voir Eric Hayot, "Critical Dreams: Orientalism, Modernism, and the Meaning of Pound's China," Twentieth Century Literature 45, no.