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HCCPHot Standby Connection to Connection Protocol
HCCPHousing Credit Certified Professional
HCCPHealy Clean Coal Project
HCCPHazard Analysis and Critical Control Points
HCCPHarvard Center for Cancer Prevention
HCCPHardcore Child Pornography
HCCPHistorical Car Club of Pennsylvania
HCCPHereditary Cancer in Clinical Practice (medical journal)
HCCPHot-Standby Connection-to-Connection Protocol
HCCPHumanities Computing Certificate Program
HCCPHome and Community Care Program
HCCPHearing Care Counselling Program
HCCPHonorable Company of College Printers
HCCPHockey-Club de Cergy-Pontoise
HCCPHonorary Certified Claims Professional
HCCPHealth Care Centre Pharmacy
HCCPHuntsman Cancer Care Program
HCCPHawaiian Culture Center Project
HCCPHeating, Cooling and Process Piping
HCCPHIV/AIDS Community Care Program
HCCPHierarchical Coexisting Conditions and Procedures
HCCPHaywood County Pagan Alliance
HCCPHarper's Choice Community Partnership
HCCPHigh Capacity Cargo Pannier (Australian Flight Test Services Pty Ltd)
HCCPHigh-speed Communication Control Processor
HCCPHealth Card Professional Protocol
HCCPHealthy Communities Collaborative Pilot
HCCPHaitian Community Center of Philadelphia, Inc.
HCCPHarassment Complaint Contact Person
HCCPHarney County Comprehensive Plan
HCCPHomestead Consolidated Command Post (USAF)
HCCPHispanic Cancer Control Program
HCCPHenrico Community Corrections Program
HCCPHuman Capital Contribution Percentage
HCCPHitachi Compliant Chip Packaging
HCCPHolistic Cancer Care Project
HCCPHydraulic Contamination Control Program (US Army)
HCCPHeartland Child Care Partnerships
HCCPHealth Care Certified Professional
HCCPHill Consolidated Command Post (USAF)
HCCPHomebrew Competition Coordination Program (Beer Judge Certification Program competition software)
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The new system, whose worth is still unproven because it has never been used for any length of time on raw food, is called Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, or Haccp (pronounced HAS-sip.
Logtek Ltd, 3610 Solihull Parkway, Birmingham Business Park, Birmingham, tel:0121 779 1870, are now operating in accordance with the American Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points hygiene standards for washing plastics returnable transit equipment.
Even though restaurants generally are not required to install Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) systems in their operations, it is in their best interest to do so now to help influence future regulations, a restaurant industry official said.
Under the new rules, packers and slaughterhouses will be required to establish a system known as hazard analysis and critical control points, identifying each point and potential problem in the process - such as cutting, grinding and overheating - where contamination can occur and developing steps to prevent it.
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