HbCSHemoglobin Constant Spring
HbCSHealthcare Billing and Collection Service (formerly Hospital Billing and Collection Service; est. 1985)
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Borylation of HBCs allows efficient installation of various functionalities after construction of the HBC skeleton.
Funding deficit projected for 2013 among HBCs in Africa ranges from $36 million (NTP budget of $51 million) in Kenya to $5.
Perhaps the most widely used alternative low-cost method for estimating [Hb] in resource-limited settings is the WHO HbCS.
within the HBCs with regard to level of internal versus external
The bottom line being the bottom line, it's expensive and usually not profitable to provide free support to aircraft which as HBCs CLASS program announcement noted, have been in service for decades.
the Humanities Building, laughter in the hallways, Tim Tyson and Craig Werner, "It was my favorite chapter," feeling loved, Nellie's Norton, Charlie Rose & Skip Gates, champagne and Michael Harper, Wanda Coleman and all that "trash," Barbara Christian on the porch, Nellie in the kitchen, Kim and Keisha in the den, Lynn on the way, Debbie talking sal-mon, get your A & get out, "it's your funeral," HBCs, campus walks and taxi rides, "don't call her at home, you know where she is," 4th floor Helen C.
The morphology of the neurons whose somata constitute the HBCs has not yet been elucidated, and it remains unclear whether they represent local interneurons of the hemiellipsoid bodies.
Just as historically white colleges have seen the racial makeup of their basketball and football teams change with the acceptance of integration and the heavy focus on winning, a similar transformation is occurring at more and more HBCs.
In comparing all freshmen to freshmen attending HBCs, the fall 1990 survey revealed that a larger percentage of all freshmen showed an interest in pursuing a career in accounting than in medicine or law whereas a majority of HBC freshmen selected accounting over medicine and an approximately equal number chose law.