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HEnEHuman Endocervical Epithelial Cells (culture)
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Apprentices play a key part in the current and future workforce and HENE has invested additional funding to increase the number of apprentices in the North East this year.
Hene is happy in her village pa but new diseases have hit the community, some children have died and her twin brother is seriously ill.
The beat-frequency procedure for calibration of HeNe laser interferometers with reference on MIRS1 primary standard laser at Laboratory for Production Measurements was evaluated by EURAMET experts and other regional metrology organizations, than the relevant calibration and measurement capabilities of MIRS were included into CMC base at BIPM, 2010.
The inter-mass distance was interrogated by a HeNe cw laser, the radiation of which was scattered by the gravitating masses, and detected by a light-detecting diode and/or a solar cell, the output of which was fed into an oscilloscope.
a passenger and cargo carrier providing water transportation services between the islands of Maui and Molokai, and Hone Hene Corporation, a passenger and cargo carrier providing water transportation services between the islands of Maui and Lanai.
The SALS setup has a 10 mW polarized HeNe laser (wavelength 633 nm) as a light source.
Measurements are based on the wavelength of a stabilized HeNe laser source.
A Melles Griot 5 mW HeNe laser model MELU12 mounted to the side port of a Leitz Metallux ND microscope provided coherent, monochromatic laser light to the specimen via the outer illuminating tube of the Ultropak vertical illuminator and attached objectives (22X to 62X objectives worked well).
GALLINACEAN: Chicken and hen Generic Male Female Offspring Old hamkem/ car/fugol/ cwenfugol/ cicen English henna hana/cocc henn/henn- capon fugol Middle hen/chiken cok hen [henne, chiken [chike, English [chico(u)n, capoun hene, han] chico(u)n, cheke(n)] [capen, cheke(n)] kapo(u)n, cockerel [cockrel] cawpon, polet [polette, chapo(u)n] pollet, polete, pullet, pult(e)] pullen Modern chicken/hen cock/rooster hen chicken/chick English capon (cockerel) pullet/pullen/ poult Table 2.
Immunolabeled embryos were mounted in glycerol or 3% methylcellulose and imaged using a Zeiss LSM 5 Pascal confocal system with Ar and HeNe lasers (Carl Zeiss Advanced Imaging Microscopy, Jena, Germany).
The dual polarization beam is from a thermally stabilized HeNe laser (633 nm).
Scratch-dig surface finishes are 10-5 and accuracies are 1/10th wave or better at HeNe.