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HeNeHuman Endocervical Epithelial Cells (culture)
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5 million to renovate the store off Route 47 across from Sun City-Huntley, at 13200 Village Green Drive, Hene said.
The reference laser is typically a commercial, frequency-stabilized, HeNe laser calibrate against an iodine-frequency-stabilized HeNe laser, one of the recommended radiations for the practical realization of the meter.
Contract awarded for To supply, install and replace 1 unit of faulty HeNe laser for the Bruker IFS125HR FTIR Spectrometer System
In 1992 he learned about this group in Vilnius making their own HeNe and Nd:YLF pulse lasers.
Leominster: Kojo Asenso, Christopher Cameron, Tracey DelleChiaie, Nana Hene, Seania Lugo, Caitlin McCann, Debra McNally, Andrew Schofield, Gabriel Sullivan and Phillip Zentgraf.
Our HeNe was the first commercial laser," he says, while acknowledging that others dispute that claim.
This holo-stereogram potentially has up to near 90% diffraction efficiency and remains stable for up to three hours at an applied voltage of 4 kV, illuminated by a 633 nm HeNe laser beam.
We use the HeNe laser for making birefringence measurements.
The 3" high scanner, with a footprint of 9" x 12", used three HOEs, laminated together, to diffract the horizontal scan from a HeNe laser into a vertical, wide scanning beam to read barcodes passed across the aperture, allowing this shallow design.
A CD-type HeNe laser beam diffracts from the grating with an intensity related to antigen concentration.
Health Education North East (HENE) wishes to invite tenders from Universities and other suitable educational providers to join an educational framework agreement, becoming formal education partners to HENE in respect of the transformation of the current and future workforce for post registration education and training for the Nursing and Midwifery, Allied Health Professionals and Healthcare Science Workforce.
This is placed in front of the patient's eye and illuminated using a low-power HeNe laser or laser diode to provide the illuminating reference beam, so that in looking through the hologram s/he sees the starburst patterns.