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H2HHead to Head
H2HHappy to Help (also seen as HTH)
H2HHighway to Hell
H2HHeart to Heart
H2HHard to Handle
H2HHand to Hand (combat)
H2HHuman to Human (transmission of disease)
H2HHuman to Human (information technology, business process management)
H2HHanoi to Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)
H2HHost to Host
H2HHead to Hollywood (brain tumor survivor organization)
H2HHere to help
H2HHalfway to Hazard (band)
H2HHeroes to Hired (military civilian job transition)
H2HHaney to Harrison (Vancouver, BC, Canada race)
H2HHouse 2 Home (various organizations)
H2HHelmet2Helmet (NFL forum)
H2HHero to Hero (troop morale campaign)
H2HHim to Her
H2HHummer 2 Hydrogen (GM experimental hydrogen fuel cell-powered SUV)
H2HHazardous 2 Health (gaming)
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Prepare for endless sun, sea, sex and scandal as TV's poshest reality stars head to Hollywood for a summer of sin.
10pm) THIS animated adventure centres on young rabbit EB who runs away from his warren on Easter Island to head to Hollywood.
London, Feb 2( ANI ): Black British actors should head to Hollywood as quickly as possible because they will not get leading roles in the United Kingdom, an acclaimed National Theatre performer has said.
The contestants who impress the judges will head to Hollywood and be put to the ultimate test during the 'Hollywood Rounds', airing on February 9, 15 and 16.
WIND That Shakes The Barley star Liam Cunningham would rather stay in Ireland and be poor than head to Hollywood and make millions.
BEAKER BEAT: Sarah Churm makes her opinion heard as Tracy Beaker, in a new stage show based on the TV show' DREAM WORLD: Tracy (above) and her mum head to Hollywood in cartoon form (left)
premieres October 16) Montana-born gay twins Jacob and Joshua Miller head to Hollywood with hopes of making it big as pop-rock band Nemesis.
So the two losers head to Hollywood to stop Miramax from making the movie.
Red-haired Jason played upstart medic Dr David Neil in the first two series of Dr Finlay before deciding to head to Hollywood and try for stardom in Tinseltown rather than Tannochbrae.
The hook: Film director Frank Capra is scouting for talent, and George might head to Hollywood.
For another version of celebrity spotting, you might head to Hollywood Wax Museum, which offers 170 figures and videos of new and old movies.