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HCHVHealth Care for Homeless Veterans
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Abbreviations: ASI = Addiction Severity Index, HCHV = Health Care for Homeless Veterans, HWVP = Homeless Women Veterans Program, NRT = no (or <30 days) residential treatment, PCL = PTSD Symptom Checklist, PTSD = posttraumatic stress disorder, RT = residential treatment, SCL = Symptom Checklist-30, SF-12 = 12-Item Short Form Health Survey, SS = Seeking Safety, VA = Department of Veterans Affairs, VAMC = VA medical center.
In July 1993, MACV secured a Homeless Chronically Mentally Ill contract from the Health Care for Homeless Veterans Program at the Minneapolis VA Medical Center.
Award: Health care for homeless veterans services to be provided for the poplar bluff, john j.
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