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HECTORHeterogeneous Computer Together (IBM)
HECTORHealth and Environmental Care Technical Organisation (Belgium)
HECToRHigh End Computing Terascale Resource (UK National High Performance Computing Resource)
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Ahmed Ali Al Sayegh, Chairman of ADGM, said, "We are pleased to welcome Sir Hector to Abu Dhabi Global Market as our Chief Advisor.
Today's customers demand accessibility to their favorite brands across multiple channels," states Lisianne Goldman, webmaster at Hector and Lola.
There's a good deal of fear and anguish when Hector leaves behind his loving girlfriend Clara, played by Rosamund Pike, and goes on a global quest to find the root of happiness.
Somewhere along the way, Hector was put down and forgotten.
Adkins is dealing with a defensive crisis, however, with Sean Morrison, Wayne Bridge and Chris Baird all out - firing Hector to the front of the queue.
Bosses gave 44-year-old Hector, from Navan, Co Meath, the push after his listener figures fell by 14,000 to 138,000 - miles behind Today FM rival Ian Dempsey on 180,000.
He said: "I got a card a while back and it read like this, 'Dear Hector, you are mighty.
Followers of the ACL-Sisu dispute will recall how Hector saw off ACL directors Peter Knatchbull-Hugessen and Paul Harris when they were caught in the act of tying "Sisu Out" balloons to Fisher's Land Rover after an away game.
Hector is now recovering but the RSPCA wants help in tracing the cruel thugs.
Allen, 56, who owns ADG Engineering in Milnsbridge, said: "We are not sure if Hector had chased something like a fox or a rabbit, but he totally vanished.
Hector was twenty-three years old when he arrived in western Canada, one year after graduating in medicine from the University of Edinburgh.