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HEIDIHigher Education Information Database for Institutions (UK)
HEIDIHigh Energy Imaging Device
HEIDIHarmonisation of European Incident Definitions Initiative (European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation)
HEIDIHarbor Engineering Investigation and Design Institute (now CCCC Third Harbor Consultants Co., Ltd.; China)
HEIDiHuman-Environment-Interaction Dynamics Initiative (Ohio University)
HEIDIHigher Education Interactive Diagnostic Inventory (Netherlands)
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Although Heidi hadn't been diagnosed with dyslexia, she had problems with reading and writing and was three and a half years behind her classmates," said Alison.
Despite her life-threatening condition, aquagenic urticaria, which could cause her to go into potentially fatal anaphylactic shock, cheerful Heidi is determined to live life to the full.
In Heidi Village - think Disneyland on a Swiss scale - Heidi's grandfather has shunned his hermit lifestyle and now shows tourists around the hay loft where Heidi slept in his cabin among the fir trees.
Mum Heidi slept through the contractions and by the time she had woken up and gone to hospital little Morgan was well on his way.
Sarah added: "Whenever I go to see Heidi or to get something like my keys, the patients wave and say 'hello Heidi' or ask whether I can get something for them.
A voracious reader, she spent her summer holidays in Jens and Maienfeld, the pretty mountain region near Sargans and Bad Ragaz, close to the Austrian and Liechtenstein borders, which she later chose as the setting for Heidi.
She has launched Heidi Wear, where shoppers can browse among the boxer shorts and autographed t-shirts.
According to Fox News, Heidi just jumped on the opportunity to be part of the "Celebrity Wife Swap" because she loves thes show herself.
Heidi, but that scene in which your bottom is ornamented with messy tattoos of a flower and a white cube (an in-joke for art-buffs, child) does violate the sacred temple of your body.
The Heidi and Frank Show, hosted by veterans of Los Angeles' radio scene Heidi Hamilton and Frank Kramer, has succeeded in attracting a large following of diehard fans to tune in to KLOS 95.
Heidi worked in health and safety for 15 years before setting up her business in 2006 as a life and business coach and hypnotherapist.