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HTTTHeir to the Throne (Wesnoth game campaign)
HTTTHigh Tech Test Track (France)
HTTTHail to the Thief (Radiohead album)
HTTTHacksaw To The Throat (band; San Diego, CA)
HTTTHigh Temperature Turbine Technology
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The importance of the relationship between the grandparent and grandchild is something the heir to the throne knows well as he was very close to his grandmother, the Queen Mother, and "adored" her as a child.
If Charles were king, William - as heir to the throne - would almost automatically have been made the Prince of Wales and his new bride would become the Princess of Wales, the title once held by the late Princess Diana, left.
The 61-year-old heir to the throne would take time off and had cancelled engagements for three days from next Monday in Britain, including the annual Royal Ascot horse racing event.
It is the Act of Settlement that says the heir to the throne can onlymarry a protestant, and this lawcan only be changed through the democratic process of going through the House of Parliament.
By contrast, the Prince's private income from the Duchy of Cornwall, the landed estate given to the heir to the throne, increased by just 1 per cent to Au16.
Michael Peat, said the heir to the throne was mindful of the recession and managed to cut his personal costs by half a million pounds.
The heir to the throne paid less tax, with his bill falling from pounds 3,429,000 to pounds 3,093,000 - a drop of almost 10%.
To have the heir to the throne publicly indulging in the worst excesses of binge drinking and loutishness is unfortunate enough.
Amidst a picture post card setting of snow-capped mountains and brilliant sunshine, the heir to the throne was joined by local dignitaries near the ski resort of Klosters as the pounds 8.
He is desperate to keep this a secret but he learns that his first wife that he divorced because he thought she was barren is the mother of his son, a child who has no magic and should be the heir to the throne.
It was opened in 1825 to link the home of the Prince Regent--the heir to the throne, who was later to become George IV--to Regent's Park.
So it is absurd in 21st century Britain that the heir to the throne has so far been unable to declare his love for Camilla publicly by marrying her.