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Her husband, Henry Draper, a doctor and amateur astronomer, had pioneered a way to "fix" the stars on glass photographic plates.
Henry Draper and his wife, the New York City heiress Anna Palmer Draper, headed to Rawlins, Wyoming, another railroad town, boasting a population of 800 and a good hotel.
6) Consequently, it was the first comet for which a satisfactory photograph of an entire comet--not just the nucleus--was obtained, when successful images of it were recorded on June 24 by both Andrew Common and Henry Draper, and on June 30 by Jules Janssen.
A Henry Draper took over, added a new cap and sails and milled there until 1935.
This was written by William Henry Draper (18551933), at one time a churchman at Shrewsbury, and is listed among about 60 of his hymns.
The need for better understanding of this important parameter is seen in Lankford's ranking of the private observatories of amateur astronomers Henry Draper and Lewis Morris Rutherfurd at the highest level of IP without any further explanation.
For their work, Herman and Alpher shared the Henry Draper Medal in 1993, awarded by the National Academy of Sciences.
The first person to photograph the dark lines of a stellar spectrum was Henry Draper, who by reputation, as well as in fact, had the best combination of astronomical and photographic equipment in the U.
Each chapter is devoted to a particular astrophotographer, such as Henry Draper and John Adams Whipple, and includes little-known background information on the subjects relating to their lives.
Unlike Firefly, it tells you that the "HD" in "HD Catalogue" is short for Henry Draper.
While Huggins launched his pioneering investigations in England, Henry Draper was grinding telescope mirrors along the banks of the Hudson River, 20 miles north of New York City.
While Rutherfurd was photographing the heavens from his downtown observatory, fellow New Yorker Henry Draper was taking daguerreotypes through a microscope to illustrate his medical thesis on the human spleen.