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HERUHealth Economics Research Unit (University of Aberdeen; Aberdeen, Scotland, UK)
HERUHealth Education Resource Unit (American University of Beirut; Lebanon)
HERUHydraulic Engineering Research Unit
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68) Armedia, Heru ev Mot Kazakhstan (Far And Near Kazakhstan), (Yerevan: Nshanak Hratarakchutyun, 2010), 22.
But Heru was a boy and Asar wanted him to be a boy.
Furthermore, Romans certainly knew and understood the influence of Isis and Heru as spiritually dominant forces in the region.
HERU is associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Colorado at Denver, Aurora.
He is also responsible for the research and administrative leadership at the USDA-ARS HERU Laboratory.
Este hallazgo es similar a estudios precedentes; Heru et al.
Heru Prasetyo, Deputy Chairman of the Presidents Delivery Unit for Development Monitoring and Oversight Indonesia, Nohman Ishtiaq, Advisor, Finance Division, Pakistan, Akmal Hussain, Professor, Beaconhouse National University Vinaya Swaroop, Sector Manager of Economic Policy in South Asia, World Bank Dr.
Heru Lelono, a spokesman for Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said Monday that the government is also considering a moratorium on sending workers to the desert kingdom.
10) "Police Detect Terrorist Suspects Umar Patek, Heru Kuncoro," Jakarta Post, March 27, 2010.
5km down its southeastern slopes and followed this with ash rain," Heru Suparwoko, a volcanologist, told the AFP news agency.
Kresno Heru Nugroho, head spokesman for Yogyakarta's Sardjito hospital, said 28 people had been killed by deadly bursts of hot air released by the volcano late on Tuesday.
President Yudhoyono thinks that if this was allowed to happen, it will disturb world peace," said aide Heru Lelono.