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HCBHenri Cartier-Bresson (French photographer; 1908-2004)
HCBHidroeléctrica de Cahora Bassa (Portuguese: Cahora Bassa Hydroelectric; Mozambique)
HCBHalf Circle Back (motion; gaming)
HCBHuman Capacity Building
HCBHood Canal Bridge (Washington)
HCBHoly Cow Batman
HCBHybrid-Composite Beam (engineering)
HCBHampshire Cricket Board (UK)
HCBHerpetological Conservation and Biology (journal)
HCBHollow Concrete Block
HCBHouse Connection Branch (plumbing)
HCBHouston Concert Band (Houston, TX)
HCBHard Carbon Brush
HCBHackettstown Community Band (Hackettstown, NJ)
HCBHealth Care Beneficiary
HCBHobart City Band (Hobart, Tasmania, Australia)
HCBHigh Class Bituminous (roadway structural rating)
HCBHamilton Concert Band (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
HCBHouston College of the Bible (Texas)
HCBHertfordshire Concert Band (University of Hertfordshire)
HCBHawaii County Band (Hilo, HI)
HCBHanover Concert Band (Ashland, VA)
HCBHarmonie Concert Band (UK)
HCBHeights Concert Band (St. Louis, MO)
HCBHuntington Community Band (Huntington, NY)
HCBHuntsville Concert Band (Huntsville, AL)
HCBHenrico Concert Band (Richmond, VA)
HCBHaywood Community Band (Hazelwood, NC)
HCBHeight of Cloud Base (meteorology)
HCBHTML (HyperText Markup Language) Comment Box (widget)
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Body distribution and endocrine toxicity of hexachlorobenzene (HCB) in the female rat.
Moreover, ultrasound irradiation treatment was found to be more effective to polycyclic aromatics hydrocarbon than polychlorinated hydrocarbon like hexachlorobenzene, which may be attributed to the different chemical composition of these contaminants.
1 [micro]g/L (tetrachloromethane) (5) (4) DDT <10 ng/L <10 ng/L (5) (2) Drins Aldrin <5 ng/L <10 ng/L Dieldrin <5 ng/L <10 ng/L Endrin <5 ng/L <10 ng/L (5) (2) Hexachlorobenzene, HCB <10 ng/L <10 ng/L (5) (2) Chloroform <0.
Computer keyboard: Burning can emit hexachlorobenzene, a persistent toxin that accumulates in fish, marine animals, birds and animals - including humans - that feed on them; considered a probable human carcinogen toxic by all routes of exposure
Reports of dangerous levels of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), DDT, dieldrin, chlordane and hexachlorobenzene (plus insecticides, antiseptics, antibiotics, dyes and hormones) in farmed salmon are abundant.
We analyzed samples for hexachlorobenzene (HCB), trans nonachlor, heptachlor epoxide, 1,1-dichloro-2,2-bis(p-chlorophenyl) ethylene (p,p'-DDE), dieldrin, and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs 153, 138, and 180).
Nine of the 12 (aldrin, endrin, dieldrin, chlordane, dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane (DDT), heptachlor, hexachlorobenzene, mirex, and toxaphene) are pesticides that have been targeted for elimination by NGOs around the world since the early 1980s.
com, an independent group that posts quality reviews of commercial products on its Web site, found 9 of 22 ginseng products met their criteria for quality and purity Unacceptable levels of the pesticides quinrozene and hexachlorobenzene were found in eight, while two contained unacceptable levels of lead.
Table 1 List of the Sixteen Substances Initially Included in the CLRTAP POPs Protocol Annex Pesticides Industrial Unintentional chemicals by-products I Aldrin Hexabromobiphenyl Chlordane PCBs Chlordecone DDT Dieldrin Endrin Heptachlor Hexachlorobenzene Mirex Toxaphene II HCH/Lindane DDT PCBs III Dioxins Furans Hexachlorobenzene PAHs Source: Adapted from Annex I-III of the protocol.
Hexachlorobenzene 1945 1-2 million (fungicide and by-product of pesticide production) Mirex[TM] (insecticide 1959 No data and flame retardant) Toxaphene[TM] (insecticide 1948 1.
Pond-raised catfish, trout, and crayfish met Food and Drug Administration standards set for PCBs, DDT, chlordane, dieldrin, hexachlorobenzene, heptachlor expoxide, and several other pesticides.
The other organic pollutants subject to control are DDT, aldrin, chlordane, dieldrin, endrin, heptachlor, mirex, hexachlorobenzene and toxaphene.