HHUHeinrich-Heine-Universität (Düsseldorf, Germany)
HHUHand-Held Unit
HHUHome Health United (Wisconsin)
HHUHorror Host Underground
HHUHonda Hook Up (online forum)
HHUHome Hospitalisation Unit
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This HHU covers all necessary medical services, including orthopedic surgery, gynaecology, obstetrics, anaesthesiology, radiology and a clinical laboratory; coordinates treatment; offers psychological and social services; and provides in-patient, emergency, post-discharge and alternative care, such as hospice home healthcare.
We chose to study this HHU for two main reasons: (a) despite patient satisfaction reported as high (see Sanchez et al.
HHU professionals at this hospital offer a service that is both high quality and compassionate; they turn homes into 'healing environments' where selected patients and their families learn to provide appropriate care.
While the Knowledge Exploration Scale (ER) determines the extent to which the HHU supports activities that encourage individuals to learn new skills or knowledge by tracking changing markets and sharing market intelligence with patients and other external agents (Mom, van Den Bosch & Volberda 2007), the Knowledge Exploitation Scale (ET) focused on utilisation of knowledge embedded in the HHU to develop plans and response to implementation of plans (Bontis, Crossan & Hulland 2002).
Referring to hospital records, we pre-selected all patients admitted to the home care unit during 2007, which resulted in 300 patients being contacted by the HHU and asked to participate in the study, 252 of whom agreed to participate (response rate=84%).
Guided by interactions with patients, HHU managers may consider it faster and easier to develop an electronic bulletin board that leverages current relations with patients rather than change the voicemail system to capture similar information.
When HHU employees have problems using current technologies, they turn first to colleagues and peers for relevant information (Cegarra & Cepeda 2010).
This study included one hospital in one country and the HHU concerned was in the process of implementing new HITs (i.
A significant commercial benefit of the HHU for food producers is the inbuilt monitoring function.
We have developed the HHU to provide food producers with a system that ensures a safe hand wash at all times and evidence of compliance to best practice procedures.
Factory trials have shown that the HHU can be adapted for hot and cold food production environments.
The HHU is being manufactured by Wallgate Ltd, based in Salisbury and can be installed in 4-6 weeks.