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HiRISEHigh Resolution Imaging Science Experiment
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Combined with imaging spectroscopy, which determines the make-up of surface materials, HiRISE has illustrated the stories of countless, highly varied Martian landscapes.
HiRISE is one of the most advanced and productive instruments currently exploring our solar system.
We had seen with HiRISE that there was dune motion, but it was an open question how much sand could be moving.
Riffenburgh brings us right up to date with HiRISE, (High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment) which is used for capturing images of the surface of Mars.
Each individual HiRISE image contains more than a billion pixels.
Consequently, it had been able to use its HiRISE camera to obtain a series of high-resolution images of Phoenix's entry into the Martian atmosphere.
Lewis and his colleagues describe those findings, based on images taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter's HiRISE camera, in the Dec.
Mars has an ethereal, tenuous atmosphere at less than one percent of the surface pressure of Earth, so scientists working on the University of Arizona's High Resolution Imaging Experiment, or HiRISE, are challenged to explain the complex, wind-sculpted landforms they now are seeing in unprecedented detail.
Spirit, the Mars rover twin, recently appeared in a photo taken by the University of Arizona's orbiting HiRISE camera.
It's supplemented by the company's 33-inch, stainless-steel trough sink for food prep purposes and, on the end of the island, a PRO CookSink that not only allows you to fill a pot with water from the adjacent faucet, but heat it up in place instead of dragging it to tile stovetop, Kohler's HiRise pot fillet faucet along the range's backsplash does similar duty.
Hirise represents the quantity of high-rise buildings (those buildings over 20 floors) in terms of gross floor area (GFA) out of the total built-up GFA in an urban district.