HIGEHover In Ground Effect
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aasta teatele maaras siseasjade rahvakomissar UTU likvideerimiskomisjoni koosseisus: esimees Erich Loit (Eesti Ametiuhingute Keskliit) ja liikmed: Cleriikliku Tekstiilitoosturite Chingu asjaajaja Albert Org ning hige Rudolf Alber.
Boundaryless behavior combines 12 hige global businesses--each number one or number two in its markets--into a vast laboratory whose principal product is new ideas, coupled with a common commitment to spread them throughout the Company.
In the operations reorganization, two appointments have been made: Dan Hige, a former regional vice president of operations, has been named vice president of operations for the East Region.
The Old Saxon background to the use of wacran hige (habban) is discussed, and an interpretation is advanced that seeks to get the sense away from the weakness of mind of Eve.
Naes him blidhe hige, ac him sorh astah, swefnes woma.
This change will involve not just minor enterprises sush as peasant, handicrafts or small family firms but also the hige plants and trusts that are now in the hands of the state.
Tenders are invited for development of hige yielding fruit bearing orchard and misc.
We had calculated 94 percent in a HIGE (hover in ground effect), and I briefed the crew that I expected to see about 95 percent in our initial hover.
Neist tahtsaim olevat olnud poliitbiiroo hige ja ideoloogiasekretar Aleksandr Jakovlev, keda Sironini sonul peeti KGB-s koguni CIA residendiks.
Some critics find in two phrases the narrator uses to describe Eve's intelligence--wacran hige (1.
Tenders are invited for Hack Saw Frame Fixed Size: 12 Inch, Complete With Hige Carbon Blade Strong Steel Frame 6Mm Thick With Plastic Handel Make:-Jhalani/Taparia/Everest