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HDIHuman Development Index (UNDP yardstick of human welfare)
HDIHelp Desk Institute
HDIHigh Density Interconnect (poly clad laminates)
HDIHumpty Dumpty Institute (New York, New York)
HDIHuman Development Initiatives (Nigeria)
HDIHexamethylene Diisocyanate
HDIHelen Dowling Instituut (Dutch: Helen Dowling Institute; cancer foundation)
HDIHaftpflichtverband der Deutschen Industrie (German mutual insurance association)
HDIHead to Disk Interface
HDIHigh Definition Imaging
HDIHigh Density Interconnect
HDIHigh Pressure Direct Injection
HDIHigh Density Interface
HDIHoops Device Interface
HDIHeidi Device Interface
HDIHigh-Dose Interferon (treatment)
HDIHigh Density Interconnection
HDIHistorically Disadvantaged Individual
HDIHelp Desk International (various locations)
HDIHousehold Disposable Income (finance)
HDIHeidi Device Interface (AutoCAD)
HDIHead to Disk Interference
HDIHuman Development Interface (index)
HDIHarper Design International (publishing)
HDIHigh-Pressure Direct Injection Diesel
HDIHard Disk Interface
HDIHaute Pression Diesel Injection (French: High Pressure Diesel Injection)
HDIHigh-Definition Interface
HDIHome Discovery Inspections (Orlando, FL)
HDIHOOPS Device Interface (Vagi)
HDIHead-to-Disk Interface
HDIHuman Device Interface
HDIHarley-Davidson Incorporated (former stock symbol)
HDIHigh Diesel Injection
HDIHistoric Denver, Inc.
HDIHomestead Design, Inc. (Essex, VT)
HDIHorizontal Deviation Indicator (airplane instrument)
HDIHigh Density Index
HDIHochschuldidaktik Informatik
HDIHekimian Database Interface
HDIHigh-Distance Interleaver
HDIHuman Dynamics Incorporated
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Data from two identical Phase III studies in relapsing forms of MS (OPERA I and OPERA II) showed OCREVUS demonstrated superior efficacy with approximately 80 percent of patients relapse free and significantly slower progression of the disease compared with high-dose interferon beta-1a (Rebif) over the two-year controlled treatment period.
A similar proportion of patients in the OCREVUS group experienced serious adverse events and serious infections compared with patients in the high-dose interferon beta-1a group in the RMS studies.
Patients with melanoma and a single tumor-positive sentinel lymph node had no improvement in overall or disease-free survival with adjuvant high-dose interferon alfa-2b, a study showed.
Several trials have shown that adjuvant high-dose interferon therapy modestly improves outcomes among patients with melanoma at high risk for recurrence, but with the tradeoff of substantial toxicity.
The cost of a course of high-dose interferon treatment is $43,000 per year of life saved, which compares with a cost of $200,000 for cardiac transplantation, $30,000 for renal hemodialysis, and $29,170 for screening melanoma.
However, prophylactic pamxetine was demonstrated to minimize depressive symptoms in a study of melanoma patients who received high-dose interferon for their cancers.
Hepatitis C genotype 1, the most common genotype detected among infected American patients, has a markedly lower response rate to high-dose interferon, even pegylated interferon, plus ribavirin than do genotypes 2 and 3.
Hepatitis C genotype 1, the most common genotype among infected Americans, has a markedly lower response rate to high-dose interferon, even pegylated interferon, plus ribavirin than do genotypes 2 and 3.
The study is comparing the effect of adjuvant Yervoy at either 3 mg/kg or 10 mg/kg versus high-dose interferon in adult patients with high-risk stage III or IV melanoma that has been removed by surgery.
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