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HighMATHigh Performance Media Access Technology
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Additionally, ACDSee 7 supports the MPV and HighMAT standards that provide the ability to burn images and media files to CD-R/DVD-R.
HighMAT addresses the problem by creating an optimized way for PCs to identify digital files on recordable disks, and standard ways for consumer devices to read these disks, they added.
Their new class of chipsets take full advantage of the benefits of Windows Media Video 9 and HighMAT to enable a whole new range of experiences for consumers such as high definition video experiences and easier playback of home videos without any time consuming MPEG2 conversions.
NOTE: Microsoft, Windows, MSN, Windows Media, Xbox, Windows Mobile and HighMAT are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corp.
We are delighted that Sonic will add HighMAT support to AuthorScript, the key enabler for the most-popular DVD authoring applications," said Jonathan Usher, Director, Windows Digital Media Division at Microsoft Corp.
HighMAT stands for High-performance Media Access Technology, which Microsoft and Panasonic jointly developed and introduced to the market last year to significantly improve interoperability for photos, music and video between PCs and popular electronic devices using storage media such as CDs and DVDs.
Co-developed and supported by Panasonic and Microsoft, HighMAT enables a convenient, standardized approach for arranging digital media on CDs and soon DVDs that delivers an easy-to- navigate and consistent playback experience -- whether on a DVD player, CD player or car stereo.
HighMAT stands for High-performance Media Access Technology, which Microsoft and Panasonic jointly developed to make organizing and accessing photos, music and video on storage media such as CDs and DVDs easier and faster on a wide range of consumer devices.
In addition, Panasonic unveiled seven new models of digital AV products that will be the first consumer electronic devices to have built-in support of the new HighMAT technology, including the Panasonic DVD-LX9 portable DVD player, DVD-S55 single-disc player, DVD-F65 five-disc changer, DVD-F85 five-disc changer, SC-HT900 DVD/CD home theater system, SC-DT310 DVD/CD music system and SC-DP1 DVD/CD music system.