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HOMHead of Mission (US DoD)
HOMHouse of Montague (Denmark)
HOMHomomorphism (mathematics)
HOMHolland, Michigan (Amtrak station code)
HOMHigher Order Modulation (wireless technology)
HOMHierarchical Object Model
HOMHeart of Mary
HOMHit or Miss
HOMHall of Mirrors
HOMHead of Marketing
HOMHigh Order Mode (Fiber Optics)
HOMHigher Order Multiple (birth rate)
HOMHeads of Missions
HOMHomer, AK, USA - Homer Airport (Airport Code)
HOMHomeland Onshore Model (Synergroup Systems)
HOMHigh-Order Messaging (object-oriented languages)
HOMHierarchical Occlusion Map
HOMHigher Order Model
HOMHigh Octane Mode
HOMHearing Office Manager
HOMHigh Output Mode
HOMHazardous Organic Mishap
HOMHardware Object Module (IBM)
HOMHanford Occupational Medical System
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Each higher order model for the three variables, namely globalization, consumption patterns, and culture is good fitted because the values of all of the fit indices are according to the defined limits (mentioned in Table 2).
Higher order models are applied because of the fact that first order latent variables of all three main latent variables were correlated.
They used data from national probability samples of citizens from the US and Canada to test a higher order model of environmental concern.
More importantly, we have found that: (a) a two-dimensional higher order structure tend to fit the data better than a structure with a single higher order factor; (b) the factors of a two-dimensional higher order structure corresponded to Preservation and Utilization dimensions of environmental attitudes; (c) discriminant validity for these two higher order dimensions was demonstrated by showing that self-reported ecological behaviour was predicted by Preservation, and not by Utilization, while attitudes toward economic liberalism were predicted by Utilization, and not by Preservation, and (d) this two-dimensional higher order model of environmental attitudes has also theoretical support (Milfont, 2007b).
However, there are also empirical and theoretical evidence supporting a single higher order model (cf.
Overall, the evidences gathered so far seems to indicate that the single higher order model is preferable on the grounds of the principle of parsimony.
With regard to the factor structure of the ABS, there is reason to argue for separate treatment of positive and negative affect, particularly in light of the superior fit seen in the second higher order model.
On examining the fit indices of the higher order models (i.
They state that the goodness of fit of the first order model establishes an upper limit for higher order models on the same data.
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