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HPECHigh Performance Embedded Computing
HPECHigh Performance Echo Cancellation
HPECHigh Powered Expert Committee
HPECHealth and Physical Education Council (Alberta Teachers' Association; Canada)
HPECHighland Pony Enthusiasts Club (UK)
HPECHouston Police Equipment Company
HPECHealth and Physical Education Certification (University of Louisiana at Monroe)
HPECHumanitarian Physicians Empowerment Community
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The event attracted 26 members and friends of the Highland Pony Enthusiasts Club, who braved last weekend's cold to meet the Booths' four Highlands, ranging in age from eight months to 18 years, plus their Welsh cob.
The Highland Pony Enthusiasts Club was set up in 1974 and has around 300 members nationally, with 15-20 based in the North East.
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