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HIMSHealth Information Management System
HIMSHamdard Institute of Management Sciences
HIMSHuman Intervention Motivation Study
HIMSHole in My Shoe (song)
HIMSHuman Information Management System
HIMSHis Imperial Majesty's Ship
HIMSHubble Imaging Michaelson Spectrometer
HIMSHousing Information Management System
HIMSHydrographic Information Management System
HIMSHomeland Incident Management System
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Some examples have been published in recent volumes, by both HIMs and other researchers and health professionals working with health data.
El modelo presentado en este articulo fue conceptualizado inicialmente a traves de una serie de tres sesiones de grupos en construccion de modelos de dinamicas de sistema, implicando cinco participantes y observadores del proyecto hims (descrito abajo), despues de una serie actividades de facilitacion para explorar comportamientos en el proyecto, en el tiempo y en relaciones causales, entre las variables clave, con metodos ampliamente aceptados y ya reportados en la literatura para este tipo de sesiones (Andersen y Richardson, 1997; Richardson y Andersen, 1995).
The news and picture of Suleiman let loose a barrage of attacks against him from supporters of the Syrian government.
Take a tour of the school and meet Headteacher Mrs Hims as well as Miss Nijjar, Head of Senior School; Mrs Whitehouse, Head of Prep School and Mrs Smith, Head of Nursery.
TRESPASSING in someone else's garden meant two more years in prison for Glen Mitchell as his past came back to haunt him.
Bahrain has always been a friend of the US over the past years", US Representative Jim Hims said in a press conference.
The HIMS program charter works with pilots, their management, as well as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to help substance-using pilots complete treatment, aftercare, and monitoring so they can return to work (HIMS 2011).
Asked what has motivated hims this winter, Cook, who has batted for 2,171 minutes in the series, said: "When you don't score runs.
The report mentioned hims aying "A legal merger is not going to change our life'' and he reiterated that a Chrysler IPO could take place in the second half of this year.
The acquisition of HIMS represents a new practice region for IPC.
However, Chennai Airport officials sensed something amiss from with his appearance and refused hims entry into India.