HISIHealthcare Informatics Society of Ireland (Cumann Ríomheolais Sláinte)
HISIHeat Illness Symptom Index
HISIHoneywell Information Systems Italia (Milan, Italy)
HISIHotel Inventories Specialists, Inc
HISIHotel Interactive Systems, Incorporated (pay-TV provider, Philippines)
HISIHospital Infection Society India (New Delhi, India)
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Memo Brunet mantiene una colaboracion en El Universal y el licenciado Hisi Pedrosa es importante funcionario de la PGR.
The device includes several unique features including MyFi, which provides wireless playback capability through any FM radio, and HiSi, an automatic song identification system.
HISI will be based in Braintree, MA and can be reached by calling (800) 282-0058 or through the internet at HISI@cleanharbors.
This is a peculiar example where you need to descend on the missed approach to meet the 1600-foot hold-down restriction at HISIS.
IT'S thebignightofthe yearat Longfordwiththe finalofthe Broadway Pet Foods LongfordDerbythe highlight and, whileitis officiallyanA1event, t hisis verymuchanopencontest withawinner'sprize o fEUR5,000.
They speak very highly of ed d: r k of hihim frfrom hisis timime inin charge him from his time in charge there.
Best of Show: Silva, Andrade & Calda for its handmade, cotton Madeira-embroidered baby crib sheet; Bed: Amenity for its 400-thread-count, 100 percent virgin cotton Twig Cream & Coco duvet cover; Bath: Missoni Home for its 100 percent cotton, dahlia-patterned Hisis robe, matching towel with leather carrying strap and bag; Dining: J.
Their freeware Avis FITS Viewer has modest image-manipulation capabilities but eclipses other, more powerful programs by being able to import 8- and 16-bit FITS files -- the world's standard format for exchanging astronomical data -- as well as numerous other image formats, such as those from SBIG, HiSIS, and Starlight Xpress cameras, and then save them in TIFF, Targa, JPEG, and BMP formats.
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