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HISTADRUTGeneral Federation of Labour in Israel (trade union)
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With regard to the STUC position on the Histadrut, Mary Senior explained that:
52) In past decades, Histadrut lost control over its healthcare and pension plans, but it is still part of a tripillar roundtable that decides employment and economic policies in the country.
A large number of factories were owned by the Histadrut (Labour Union), whose strong political links to the ruling party MAPAY enabled it easy access to state support.
In Israel, the collective agreements that were signed between the Histadrut and TWA in Israel weren't honored.
Privatisation Moves Forward: In July 2013 we wrote that the threat of downside risk to our container throughput forecasts for the Israeli ports of Haifa and Ashdod appeared to have abated, with the Histadrut labour federation, which is present in both facilities and are against the planned privatisation of these port's container terminals, unlikely to call a strike in protest against the planned privatisation, as such a move would be reportedly be opposed by 83% of Israelis.
The Histadrut (General Federation of Labour in Israel) is believed to have organised a lightning campaign to sign up 1,000 employees, a third of the company's workforce, in a day.
The Histadrut labor federation announced the strike on Thursday afternoon, calling it "an existential strike for the future of Israeli airlines.
In September of 1947, he and his family were on their way to Palestine, forged British passports in handbrought by the Histadrut, or central workers' union, who set about founding a journal to the poet's specifications.
The Histadrut labour federation, the umbrella organisation for hundreds of thousands of public sector workers, said the strike - which the Treasury estimates is costing the economy $500 million a day - would also halt trains and close the Bank of Israel and government offices.
It began after all-night negotiations failed to produce a compromise between the Finance Ministry and the Histadrut labor federation, the umbrella union for hundreds of thousands of public sector workers.
Almost half of Arab citizens vote for ostensibly Jewish parties because of their links to the Histadrut trade union, patronage networks and other institutions (p.
Peretz, who once headed Israel's Histadrut trade union federation, was defence minister during the 2006 Lebanon War which claimed the lives of 1,200 people in Lebanon, mainly civilians, and 160 Israelis, mostly soldiers, and was widely considered a failure by Israelis.